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Grant applications need to be made in writing by the 1st June by local charitable or non profit voluntary organisations or activities, stating why the funds are required, what will be purchased and when. Those participating will be required to agree to update the committee on progress and provide proof of purchase. Funds must be used for the purpose described in the application and unused funds returned. Grants are not available to individuals, privately owned or registered companies. The Management Committee's decision on the allocation of funds is final.


In addition to financial support there are many less tangible  benefits for the community:


Social benefits - creates informal social support networks and if people visit daily or weekly they get to know their neighbours. This is especially important for more vulnerable groups such as the elderly, those caring for children or relatives and those living alone. Recognising neighbours and having the opportunity to interact helps develop a sense of well-being, belonging and security.

Better food - offers enticements such as freshly baked bread, fresh eggs, milk and vegetables straight from the farm, along with other locally made products.

Health benefits - most people spend 10 to 15 minutes walking to and from the village shop and for many people this is the daily exercise recommended for a healthy lifestyle.

Environmental benefits - helps to reduce the distance people travel by car, reducing petrol costs and emissions. By supplying local produce in particular, the distance goods travel and the subsequent packaging needed is also reduced.

Economic benefits - serves local people throughout the year, helping to ensure that money stays within the local community. Local suppliers and contractors are used to supply goods and services, benefiting the local economy.

Increased house prices - Estate Agents advise that villages with at least one shop are considered more desirable places to live.

Additional services - provides a drop-off and collection point which could be especially useful for those with limited access to transport. It is a focal point to promote and sell tickets for other local activities, amenities and events, and provide information for those in the village as well as passing trade.

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