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Before our AGM on Friday, 8th November make sure you are a member of our organisation and able to attend and vote by completing the form below and paying your £2.

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Almondsbury Community Shop Survey

Many thanks to everyone who completed the survey. It's certainly given us food for thought and sparked a lot of discussion in the committee meeting.  The detailed survey can be downloaded here.

Immediate decisions that we made include:


  • Alcohol – we decided not to pursue this as there were too many objections/concerns from customers and volunteers.
  • We will order more bacon and sausages for weekends
  • The milk fridge will be labelled to indicate that it is less processed than some milk and should be consumed within three days of opening
  • Vegetables are being removed more quickly to ensure they look and are fresh on the shelves.
  • Signs for each of the rooms have been created so that people know what's in each room (several people didn't seem to have registered the freezer cabinets)
  • We will advertise for more home bakers
  • We will publicise our free Wifi.
  • Promotions – will be publicised on Facebook in advance of each one.
  • The buying team will consider all other requests for additional items, taking into account where we have tried similar items in the past


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