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Carry on Shopping! John Mclevy, ACSA vice chairman


I can report, as I did last year, that December was very busy; I personally had a great start to the holiday by serving many of you on Christmas eve morning, ably assisted by Pat (my wife), Sophie and Isabel. A happy morning, fully justifying the following glass of mulled wine!


Many of you will know Pat, as volunteers who receive and send hundreds of emails over the year to manage the rota. I thank all of you of course as I do all the other folk who carry out their backroom tasks so diligently to keep our shop going.


I ask you for a favour though – please tell your friends how much you enjoy your time working in the shop and encourage them to get involved too! There are lots of jobs to do to keep the shop going and after eight years in operation it's time to find some new folk willing to spare a few hours to help sustain it – we're not getting any younger after all!! (no offence to the younger helpers :-))

If you are interested in helping with anything from serving to ordering, stacking, managing, book-keeping, organising the rota (please!!!) just make contact in the shop or on email, telephone, carrier pigeon or letter, and we can arrange a demo session or 'shadowing' someone doing the job now to help you decide.


Our busy December resulted in over 8000 Christmas cards being delivered with our Shop Stamp on them as well as 35 small parcels; a small team again delivered boxes of Powell's turkeys and veg around the village bringing cheer to the recipients on Christmas eve – many thanks to them!


One example of a key job unseen by most is that done by members of our Buying Group. In the new year the team has started a review of our range to see how best to reflect the tastes and needs of our customers. If you have any ideas just let us know through any of the afore-mentioned methods. There will soon be a Suggestion-Box in the shop as well, for visitors to drop in any thoughts or ideas about anything to do with the shop.


As a closing remark I would say that our Village Shop has become, over more than eight years, a valuable and loved service to our community; it has also become an important and fulfilling part in the lives of the many volunteer folk who engage with it too – I encourage you to join us in 2017!

Happy New Year!


Photos of our 6th Birthday Party by Louis Harvey.

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