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How Time Flies!!


Doesn't time fly (especially as you get older)??? By the time you read this the shop will have been open for 7 years. On March 18th to be precise. Over this time many of you have passed through our doors.....some on a daily basis for newspapers, milk, or bread; basic essentials. Others come for emergency supplies , making a cake … no flour , or need pasta for children's tea but the cupboard is bare! I'm sure that those of us that use the shop are grateful that we don't have far to go to remedy the situation.


Frequently we get new visitors to the shop some of whom are passing through ( recently people visiting from Australia) or new arrivals in the village. Most are amazed at our range of stock ( thanks to the buying group) and the usual comment is “ what a lovely little shop”. I think the official term would be “quirky”!! With our three separate rooms our shop is definitely unusual and if there are some of you out there who haven't been in the shop then give it a go. Come and visit if only for a look to see what we sell and you never know you might come again. The more money that is spent in the shop the more we are able to support local organisations with donations so you are supporting the community in more ways than one.


We do try to stock seasonal goods, as much as limitations on space allow. Recently we have started to stock plants again and we had some lovely baskets in the run up to Mothering Sunday. I expect that we will again stock bedding plants when the weather permits. We also have a good range of cards and always have some stock in for special occasions like Valentines Day and Mothering Sunday as well as birthday , anniversary and some for other special occasions. There are also some lovely ones which are blank for your own messages.


We do also try to order items that have been requested by our customers where it is possible. It is always worth asking if you feel there is something we have missed.


For your information the shop will be open from 8.30 – 12 on the bank holiday Monday May 2nd


Pat McLevy, Committee Member and Volunteer Rota Organiser Slave


Our very own 'Chairman Santa' at our volunteers' party. A good time had by all!

Photos of our 6th Birthday Party by Louis Harvey.

We are located at:

14 Church Road

Sundays Hill



BS32 4ED

01454 202412

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Opening times:

Monday to Friday:   

      8:30 - 18:00


      8:30 - 14:30


    See here for        Bank Holiday Times.

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Some of our christmas elves at the ready! Several of their friends thought they had moved into the shop and sent their christmas cards there!!
Our Christmas window.
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